Have you ever noticed how players in professional teams perform? It’s like a written script. Each player perform his own task, they remain at the same position whether the ball is with them or not.

This is STRATEGY. They have planned all before the game, given players their roles and tasks. Strategy makes a game organized.

Every sport needs a strategy to be played. You must play professional games with a proper strategy or will surely lose if you are unlucky.

Similarly, you need to make your own pickleball doubles strategy for professionalism and keeping the game in play.

Here are the top 5 winning pickleball strategies.

  • Pickleball Doubles Positioning
  • Reaching to the Net
  • Variety of shots
  • Keeping the Rally
  • Communication with your partner
Top 5 winning strategies for pickleball doubles


Your position on the court is very important. You have to stand where you can cover more area and easily defend any incoming shot.

Where to stand in pickleball doubles? You can stand anywhere in the pickleball court but you should try for a place where you can cover maximum area of your side and provide a backup for your partner.

Here are some tips for better positioning in pickleball doubles strategy.

  • Stand in a staggered stance, with your partner slightly behind you and to the side or you behind your partner.
  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. It’s the best position to keep yourself ready for any incoming ball.
  • Maintain a centered weight. It will help you to move in any direction quickly.

Always keep your opponents in sight and remember their positions. Thus, you can make a strategic shot.


Many beginners do not take this pickleball doubles strategy seriously and end up unprepared in the middle of court.

When you serve the ball, quickly make your way to the NVZ or Kitchen to be prepared for returning shot.

Similarly, the receiver should also rush towards NVZ along with his partner to be prepared for the incoming pickleball shot.

For all this, you have to be agile. You should not stand in one position on the court. Rather, reach to the ne or NVZ to return a shot and backup to the baseline for a serve.

What if you are caught unprepared in middle of the court? At this stage, you should just stop moving, bent your knee, hold your hand and prepare yourself to return the shot.


Often, beginners make the mistake of mastering one shot and playing by it only. It’s a grave mistake which may cause you a whole pickleball game.

Try to learn different pickleball shots and use them when necessary. In pickleball doubles, always use a variety of shots on each shot.

This will keep your opponent guessing and he will mostly be unable to return your shot, earning you a point!

Don’t be afraid to mix up your shots. The more unpredictable you are, the more challenging you become to your opponents!


Always keep the ball in play in pickleball doubles. A fault in pickleball is regarded as any illegal action which stop the game.

So, in order to be safe from a fault and losing a point, keep the ball in play. If you do not have enough time to think about a shot, just hit the ball towards service court of opponent, so, that the game continues.

According to USAPA, 75 percent of rallies are won (or lost) because of errors; only 25 percent are actually earned or won by a good shot.

Therefore, continuing the rally means much more than a good shot. So, try to keep the game in flow and you will eventually perform a good shot.


Communication is the key in any doubles game. It’s the most important part of a pickleball doubles strategy. 

Make sure to communicate with you partner about your position in the court and responsibility of each shot.

Get the habit of calling “mine, yours, I go, you go and many more” for each shot. Call “switch” if you want to change sides with your teammate.

Similarly, if the ball is in your partner’s reach, you can also call him “good to go”. You can make your calling names which are liked by you and your partner.

The main goal is communication with your partner whether code words or simple words. 

This communication will help in avoiding confusion and the game will be performed smoothly without any accident.


Pickleball doubles strategy is the most important thing in any pickleball doubles game. If you ought to play professionally then you must make your own strategy. Follow the above mentioned pickleball strategies as a basics and create your own advanced and unique strategy after some time.


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